About Us

Our Company

In 1971, Hardware House was developed as a program focused on supporting the retail efforts of the hardware industry. The basic foundation of the program was to first establish what was needed at the retail level, then working back from there to design products and programs to fit those needs. For over 40-years Hardware House® has stood for quality. Today we offer the best private label program in the market place.

Our mission is to support our retail partners by providing the highest quality private brand program in the industry, supported by the highest fill rates and on-time deliveries.

Hardware House products are made with quality materials, and backed by an industry leader with almost 150 years of industry knowledge and experience.  We are an American owned company with deep roots.

What We Offer

Hardware House, LLC offers thousands of high quality products, representing most of the major product line categories. All of our products are offered in professionally produced assortments, or they can be purchased individually. Our quality standards are high. Each item must meet or exceed the quality of the other leading national brands. Independent laboratory tests are conducted to insure our products perform as promised and every item is covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. Dedication to customer service and customer satisfaction is paramount to the business of Hardware House.

Where Hardware House Products Can be Found

Hardware House® products can be found in retail stores across the nation, online with e-commerce retailers, and retailers abroad. Our thousands of satisfied retailers have discovered our simple, straightforward approach to doing business and our commitment to deliver as promised.  Our customers enjoy our hassle-free program that provides peace-of-mind, quality, salability and great margins.

Request More Information  & Opening An Account

Opening an acount with Hardware House is fast and easy. Simply complete the form below to request more information or a credit application.